The Germans are eager to succeed in Prague. Captain: It is better to have two trophies at home

At the press conference, the Germans came around the silver cup, a trophy for the Fed Cup winners. Captain Rittner recovered her memories and smiled at journalists.

“I have a small trophy at home, but it is Betclic better to have two,” she said. “That’s when we had Steffi Graff’s team, it was invincible. Anke Huber was also high. I met them, it was a great experience for me. ”

But according to Rittner, it is not worth the two German selections to compare.The team competition was played by another system and the Germans, mainly thanks to the Graphs, also Betclic collected grandslam triumphs. “Now it is more special for me,” said the captain of Czech rivals.

If nothing unexpected happens, Angelique Kerberová, the world’s top ten, will be put in by Friday night and Andre Petkovic, the winner of the Sofia Tournament. >

“I’ve been clear for a long time. Both have my Betclic confidence, they played very well in the Fed Cup this year, “said Rittner that Sabine Lisicka, finalist of Wimbledon 2013, will be the fifth player out.

Her words confirm the statistics: Kerber and Petkovic did not play the final.

German singers had a different preparation before the Prague final.Kerber was the last to play at the end of September in Beijing. “I was tired. But I trained well and prepared myself for the final and mentally. I feel good, “the German nod smiled.

” I love to hear, “said Petkovic cheerfully. “Only Sunday will tell us what better Betclic preparation was. But I’m happy, I’ve played good matches. ”

The Germans are preparing for the fast-paced course the Czechs have prepared as one of their weapons. And, of course, they plan to beat the double wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova. “We will do the utmost,” Kerber promised.

Just the desire to rewrite the Betclic historical tables and the cohesion are the benefits of the German team.In addition, Germans also feel support from fans, home media and sports associates.

The visit to Prague made the part of their trip more enjoyable by a morning excursion in the historic center.

As with the triumphs to Bratislava and Brisbane, they are a great part. “We’ve come as one team, that’s one of our weapons,” Lisica said, although she Betclic might just look a little out of it.